Eric Byrnes Tahoe Rim Trail

Eric Byrnes….. How do you find the words to describe Byrnsie!! He’s one of a kind with an energy few can even comprehend. Eric has been a mentor in multiple facets of my life both on and off the field. Byrnes and I played together in the Major Leagues with the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was my first call up and Byrnsie took my under his wing instantly. Guess he could see a lot of himself in me so we hit it off instantly.

After retiring from Baseball Byrnes took up ultra endurance. Watching from a far I remember asking myself this is so far from Baseball I wonder why he’s doing this. Everyone spoke about him having to find a release for all that energy. But as I now get to dive in with him once again now on the endurance side he’s just like each and everyone of us. He runs to keep the demons in his head at bay. 

Only a little further and more extreme than most of us. 

When I say little, this guy recently did a triathlon across the country!! Started at San Fran swam to shore then ran and cycled all the way to New York. 

After my first Ultra event the Solo Manly to Bondi Byrnes reached out congratulating me then bringing up the famous words of “we need to do something epic together when you get back to the U.S” When Eric Byrnes says we need to do something epic you know this is going to be next level. Which is just what I wanted as I started my journey into breaking through the limiting beliefs we all have both physically and mentally.

At first it was Everest, then moved to a bunch of other epic adventures we can do together in the future. Then the call came in 

Lake Tahoe Rim Trail.

At first, I thought this was around lake and thought, ok I got this. Then as I dug in a little further I discovered this would be 170-mile (274 km) of some of the most incredible long-distance hiking trails in the world that forms a loop around the Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada and Carson mountain ranges of California and Nevada in the United States. At elevation of 3,100m.

We are going to run 274km at the top of the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. 

Lake Tahoe is one of the most incredible places on the planet. There’s something thats so spiritual, relaxing, healing and energising about this magical lake. I don’t know whether it’s the mirror like emerald coloured water or the mountain ranges that surround it with so many different shades of green pine trees.

Whatever it is I’m going to need every last ounce of what I’ve got to complete this challenge. 

Lets get it Byrnsie!!! 

Stay tuned for date coming 2021


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