Mushin is a Japanese word for "no mind"

A mental state where your mind is empty of all thoughts, all desires, and all assumptions.

When your mind is clear, you are free from your ego and are able to act spontaneously and fluidly without emotion and hesitation getting in the way.

Put simply you can’t think and do at the same time….

The best athletes and high performers on the planet all get just as nervous, scared, frustrated, and angry as we do.

The difference is they realize once that game situation intensity in front of 50,000 fans increases off the charts they’re then able to stop thinking and turn it over to the subconscious mind, which only works when you realize you can’t think and do. 

Yes, all professional athletes are talented and have incredible skill but it’s what’s going on between the ears that determines whether you’re going to be that superstar,  1%er or just another good athlete never quite tapping into your full potential.

Becoming unconsciously competent is the ultimate goal for any high-performing athlete or individual trying to reach their full capacity

To accomplish this we must master both the physical and mental realms. 

This is where true freedom and confidence lays when your mind is clear, free from your ego and able to act spontaneously and fluidly without emotion and hesitation. 


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