Continue sharpening the sword

It’s very easy to slip back into being comfortable. It’s completely unconscious and it happens mostly when we don’t even see it.

Usually starts off by us getting busy or distracted then all of a sudden before we know it those very things that held us together when we needed them most now all of a sudden take a back seat as life starts to get back on the tracks. 

What if we could keep that same intensity that same constant growth mindset and readiness every single day.

Well, we can…

To do so we need to continually put challenges in front of ourselves.

This way we’re constantly sharpening our sword.

Living on the edge, pushing the thresholds outside our perceived comfort zone is where our best selves lay. But only through friction can we get there.

It’s on the other side of our mind telling us we can’t that we all of a sudden find that elixir of life and seat to move towards what we’ve always known we possess inside of us.

This is part of the reason I love running so much. Every day it’s a new challenge, the challenge to merely lace em up is a huge win as usually, you’re not going to feel like getting out of bed and getting that workout in. Then the next phase of this is to stay the course for whatever you’ve set yourself. What's your goal for today in your training plan or your to-do list or at work what were the priorities that maybe you’ve been putting off for weeks now. Or the conversation you know needs to be had but you continue to push it off.

It’s on the other side of the things we fear or dread doing where the best feeling and true freedom actually is. Once we change the lens on being uncomfortable and sometimes even fearful to this is the way our entire life will change. 

It’s the old analogy of the frog in the pot. If the temperature is gradually turned up the frog won’t notice and will eventually boil to death.

Make sure you take inventory of where you’re at and am I living on the boundaries and beyond of what I believe I am capable of or am I merely going through the motion never knowing what this Ferrari I’ve been given is truly capable of. 

Open it up today and do something to the point of failure. I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself with what you’re really capable of.


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