Raise the Bar Ocean Swim

It’s the night before my first ever open ocean swim. Yes, the distance is a push 2km in the open ocean is no joke especially when you consider I haven’t swam for years.

But it’s more than that it’s the fear of what’s out there under the water, the fear of the unknown. 

You know exactly what I’m talking about, I’m not even going to mention it as tomorrow I’ll be face to face with it. 

It’s the not knowing, not seeing whats beneath me as I take each stroke. The land is a pretty controlled environment. The ocean I’m entirely at the mercy of the sea, which is a pretty overwhelming thought when you break it down. 

But isn’t that what we’re aways constantly faced with. The fear of not knowing how that other persons going to react so you don’t bring up that uncomfortable conversation, or the Business you’ve always dreamed of starting or simply standing up for yourself and what you believe in. 

Once you cross that line and you fully commit to something you’re so driven to accomplish even on the verge of obsessed with you’re going to find your friends and even your family simply won’t understand you. It takes extreme resilience to continue having the conversation and continually reminding yourself this is why I’m doing this. This is the person I’m committed to becoming.. For myself, for my kids, whatever your WHY is it’s ok but you have to hold it close because you know what it’s hard. It’s hard to keep getting up day in day out to face the noise, to face the naysayers and to constantly face the unknown. 

Tomorrow it’s not about the swim or facing the shark that I may come across which unbelievably terrifying. It’s feeling this fear and anxiety I feel right now and at the very thought of doing this and taking it head on, tackling it even though I’m scared continually builds that muscle I’m looking to build to make that next time the anxiety or fear hits in whatever arena I’m in I can simply recall hey remember that same fear you felt holding you back form that swim the first time or stepping into that batters box or that run or simply trusting someone yet again. 

Yes, we all feel it. It blindsides us out of nowhere all of a sudden our heart rate goes through the roof even though we’re simply sitting in our house. Palms begin to sweat, our fight or flight kicks in so we can no longer think straight and our breath starts to shorten. We’ve all been here plenty of times over and over again. 

It’s in these moments in life I believe we find out who we really are. Imagine we can teach ourselves to step up even in the face of extreme anxiety or fear. If we can show that kind of bravery, resiliency time and time again then there’s nothing we can’t do and nothing that we should be scared of. 

Lets get it tomorrow

As Dori says in finding Nemo….. “Just keep swimming”

Much love


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