Do we ever reach our full potential?

We all want to consistently be the best versions of ourselves. Whether it be at home with our family, in our careers, on the field or simply being the best in everything we do. I like to break this into two areas we all face in our lives that are standing between us and the person we know deep down we can be.
Diving catch stretch

The first and most important road block we all need to learn to walk beside is you.

That’s right.... I said it, that perfect swing, perfect run, perfect you already lays within you. The hardest part is getting out of our own way. Notice I said walk beside because we never completely eliminate that voice in our head we simply have a choice whether to listen to it or not. The moment you resist or fight it it will only get worse. You simply need to just recognize it, is this true? Can I be with this? Self-doubt, the state we choose to live in, energy for life all comes from within.

Externally there will plenty of circumstances that will happen around you and even to you, but what we begin to notice is depending on where we’re at on the inside will decide how we handle the challenges that may be presented to us. Remember in the challenge the friction is where the growth is. In the toughest moments of life is where your inner hero is awaiting. We run from these instances but once we dive deep down and reflect on the turning points of our lives they are in these moments that seem to be standing between us and our best.

At the end of the day your life may already be absolutely amazing on all fronts and if it is then I’d love to sit down with you and find out how you’re doing it because I’m still a definite work in progress.

Due to the fact you’re reading this gives me the idea you know there’s more. More to life, more to you that you haven’t yet quite been able to unleash consistently day in day out. The ultimate tipping point for me was the moment each day I look in that mirror and fast forward 30/40 years down the road. Doing the same things I’m doing now will I be able to look back and be proud of the life I lead and the people I’ve moved along the way. For growth mindset personalities like ours this is really a never ending question isn’t it...  Can I do more?

I find myself asking that question constantly. I believe we’re always growing, pushing, stretching, evolving that’s when we’re all at our best. So with that do we ever really reach our true potential or best version of ourselves?

I don’t know but when that day comes, I want to look back and know I left the world and the people in my life I was lucky enough to meet in a better place.


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