Mushin is a Japanese word for "no mind"

A mental state where your mind is empty of all thoughts, all desires, and all assumptions.
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My son/daughter suffers from anxiety, what can I do?

This is a reoccurring question I get asked a lot and have also battled with myself. Let’s break down what anxiety & fear actually is and then we can dive in from there.
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TO Mariners

How do I become a Major Leaguer?

How do I become a Major Leaguer? Great question. I’m going to give you the honest straight up answer then lets expand into a little more detail.
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Quarantine 2.0

Today marks day 14 of my quarantine 2.0 adventure
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What launch angle really means if you’re 5’7 & 14 yrs old

Launch angle is a big time business and buzz word amongst coaches at the moment in the Baseball world.
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100km group of runners

Allow yourself to be completely vulnerable

It’s not whether you feel like it, or when your body feels good and your swing is working, it’s about showing up when you think you can not possible take one more blow. You’re 0-20 and grasping for air this is the test of a true warrior.
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Careful what you wish for - The wall

As I lay here in bed the morning after Bondi to Manly 80.7km’s a little nervous to move or get up to assess the damage, my mind is still having a hard time processing you just ran 80.7km’s for 7hrs and 54 minutes straight.
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Diving catch stretch

Do we ever reach our full potential?

We all want to consistently be the best versions of ourselves. Whether it be at home with our family, in our careers, on the field or simply being the best in everything we do. I like to break this into two areas we all face in our lives that are standing between us and the person we know deep down we can be.
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Reconnecting with the zone

3 days out from the Bondi to Manly 80km run and the first major test in the new arena of endurance running awaits for me.
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The unkown

Stay Ready!! The Unknown

Recently we’ve all been affected by the world coming to a complete halt. Some of us more than others.
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Holding Flag

Tall Poppy Syndrome

“Hatters gonna hate” - There’s a thing in Australia called tall poppy syndrome. Have you heard of it? It’s a pretty prevalent thing — they even teach it in school. Poppies are tall flowers, but they don’t grow taller than the rest of the flowers, so there’s a mentality in Australia where people are really happy for you to do well; you just can’t do better than everyone else or they will cut you down to size. it’s an Australian analogy given to when someone breaks through and stands above everyone else in the field.
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We're capable of so much more

Once we draw that line in the sand or have our back against the wall in which there is no way forward but forward all of a sudden we’re able to tap into what we believe only the special amongst us possess.
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Finish line

How much can we take and keep moving forward?

Grit is the very thing that keeps us going. It gets you up in the morning and keeps you going all night. It’s the grit to get up that one more time when you feel you’ve taken that last esoteric punch you can possibly take.
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Dodgers up to bat

Perception vs Reality

This is a subject that’s more evident than ever. Especially with the rise of social media and the completely different world our kids are now being raised in vs what we grew up in and even our parents before us.
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Finding your inner HERO

We all want to be the best version of ourselves

I was accustomed to meditation but hadn’t done it in quite some time, maybe 3/4 months as I was running 6/7 days a week which I was using as a type of mindfulness as well as to put myself in that peak state “the zone”. As I sat on my balcony in Dana Point taking in a moment while Chase was asleep I decided to give myself some space with a quick five minute meditation.
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Superman Dive

Welcome to the zone

I was always a slow starter in the baseball season and could never figure it out. Some would say well it’s because it was cold and not hitter friendly in those early months, others would say you just don’t have your timing or rhythm yet as you haven’t seen enough pitching. All of this I knew was an absolute cop out and excuses.
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Smiles on Trail

What does it mean to be obsessed?

What is it? Where does it come from?
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Ever seen a Kangaroo slide

Ever Seen a Kangaroo Slide?

Orlando Hudson slapped a tag on my right leg as I touched second base. Odog and I played together in Arizona so I knew him well. “I said what was that” He smiled and flipped the ball out of his glove. Umpire yelled “safe”.
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Trent Run Sydney City

Adversity - how bad do you really want it?

Adversity pops up to let us know we’re still alive and keep us in check of how bad we want something. Testing we’re still prepared to do whats’s needed.
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Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable

Today marks 13 days in quarantine. It’s been such an interesting experience & honestly, I’m glad I’ve been lucky enough to be part of history and see firsthand what complete isolation for two weeks is really like.
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