How do I become a Major Leaguer?

How do I become a Major Leaguer? Great question. I’m going to give you the honest straight up answer then lets expand into a little more detail.
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To make it to the Major Leagues. First thing is you have to really want it, I mean want it with everything you’ve got down to your soul. A lot of people say they want it. But I want you to really pause for a second and there is no right or wrong answer but right here you will get the answer.

The reason I’m so adamant on this is because what you’re going to have to go through is going to test you like you couldn’t believe. The person you are today is not enough but it’s in the journey, in the hurdles, the adversity, the pain that you will evolve, pick yourself up, and keep moving forward that will get you to your goal.

It’s pretty similar to what we’re all going through or gone through with Covid depending on where you’re reading this from. It feels like it just keeps coming after you. You pivot think you’ve found a new lane when all of a sudden here’s another enormous blow and you have to start again.

This is a similar journey we go through as a professional athlete, an entrepreneur, a parent. You name it if you want to do something world-class there’s going to be constant ups and downs. Which just tests how bad you really want it. Let’s see what you’re made of I constantly say to myself whenever a new challenge pops up.

In Baseball it would seem like every season a completely new larger obstacle would present itself every year that I’d need to figure out and move past, then it would seem to springboard me forward ready for the next level and bigger challenge. This never seemed to end, at the time I remember overcoming an injury or a brutally challenging month or two months of poor performance (at least to my standard I had for myself). I recall saying to myself "OK that's out of the way, there’s nothing that can stop me now, I’m ready for anything." Boom, reality check Oeltjen. Congrats you just leveled up now we can throw more at you, take on this for size, Boom, stopped in my tracks yet again.

This was the ultimate training ground for what we all go through in every arena in our lives.

I’m learning that it’s actually in the turbulent, difficult times where there’s no other way but forward that the new evolved best self we have dormant inside all of us steps up and shows itself. To the degree, we can figure out the challenge in front of us and continue moving onto the next one reflects our true unlimited potential.

Welcome to your journey!! We’re all different and our journey to our best version of ourselves as is constantly evolving and is going to look very different for each of us depending on our goals and the type of life we’re committed to leading.

So, in recap. How do I become a Major Leaguer? (replace Major Leaguer with whatever goal you aspire to achieve)

You need to build that resiliency, grit, and pure determination to keep on going!! That’s honestly the number one thing that separates the best of the best from the ones that make it and the ones that don't.

They’re prepared to keep on going no matter what especially when others turn back.

Keep on going today!! One foot in front of the other


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