What does it mean to be obsessed?

What is it? Where does it come from?
Smiles on Trail

It’s currently 3am on the morning of one of my biggest tests in my training for Bondi to Manly, I plan to run the first leg to familiarize myself with the 1st 35km of the trail Bondi to Sydney Harbor. To say I”m excited i an understatement, I feel like I’m back in little league again with my uniform all laid out sleeping with my new glove and my bat ready to roll out for the first time. Is it in the quest of becoming something I know I’m not yet capable of or is it in the pushing outside my current perceived limits, I don’t know but there is something I can’t describe that comes into play when all of a sudden we take the safety belt of to life and start playing well beyond what we’re currently capable of. The only way is to grow, to rise up to enhance our current capacity and for me that is where life takes an absolute leap to an entirely new realm and possibility. Had the same feeling in Baseball at the Olympics in Athens and now in running.

I’m about to run for 35km in 3 hours why the heck am I so excited I’m about to put myself through a whole world of pain, but it’s on that trail running along the water that I feel at absolute peace. My mind slows down I become 100% present and in the now. Feeling one stride in front of the other my senses all heighten and my soul of endless possibility takes over. This is living in flow but how about creating in flow or the zone once we create and provide room to design in this place there’s absolutely nothing that our soul perceives we can’t do. In the zone “the voice in our head” our mind slows down and disappears we’re now in complete harmony and connection with our body, surroundings and higher self.

Remember at this point I still haven’t run a full marathon my Boston qualifier has been postponed to the end of August which a couple weeks ago I decided to double down on the same day and run double the distance from the two most iconic beaches in Sydney, Bondi to Manly my own parents said I was mad lol!! “Trent you’re going to kill yourself” My Mum said when I told her of my new goal with beaming eyes and energy she’s seen all to many times before. Funny thing is as she said that it rolled right over me like water on a duck as I’ve never felt so alive as I do with my new found obsession into the endurance realm.

Last night I was listening to an amazing podcast as I was driving back from visiting my parents the speaker asked an amazing question of what do you want your bio to read in five years if you could design it? What an amazing question because isn’t this so true the future is an entirely blank canvas. As I started to really ponder the question with the what drives us whats our passions, what if we could do anything with no limitations. All of a sudden my perceived cap on human capability dissolved and my mind started to dance in what if my bio read.


Trent Oeltjen - “We are unlimited possibility”

Author, Speaker, Endurance athlete
MLB Player, Olympic medalist, 6 stars recipient Japan, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York 2021, Lake Tahoe 160 mi Rim trail, Hawaii Hurt 100 Ultra 2022, Everest 2023

Holy shit are you kidding me!!! Talk about taking it beyond current capability. Again I’ve never felt so hungry and driven…..replaying the same question, What if I Can? Easiest way to predict the future is to create it and when you start playing and stretching outside your comfort zone all of a sudden life starts to pull you towards it not you pushing which is the grind we’re all way to familiar with, I believe we just aren’t shooting big enough quite yet we think playing it small is the smartest and best decision but in doing this we’re missing out on the magic, the obsession needed to make the jump from limitations to limitless.

What have you always wanted to do that seems outside your current capability? Commit to it now! Register for the race or book that seminar, sign up for your MBA or take the vacation you’ve always wanted to do, don’t wait until you’re capable or worthy which we’ve all been taught to believe. Power is in the degree we make shit happen.

You have no idea how powerful you are until your backs against that wall and the only way is forward. Now go lock in that date, commit now and figure out the how along the way.


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