You've come this far, you got this

You got this!! This has been a tough year for everyone, trust me I get it.
You have come this far You got this

It’s in these toughest times that we find out what we’re really made of. We either get off the field or we evolve and adapt.

We’re all human, this games not for everyone. I’ve thought plenty of times how much more can I take. Maybe this isn’t going to happen. I thought it constantly during the roller coaster of a ride playing baseball sitting in a hotel room in the middle of no-where with things just not seeming to go my way. It’s in these times once we recognise it that we’re able to take the next step.

Everything we do and achieve in life seems to have the same pattern over and over again.

We chase our goals, trip and fall, reflect figure out where you went wrong, put it into action, evolve, move on to the next larger challenge whilst moving towards that goal you have in your sights.

Ever had that feeling. Ok, I got through that challenge I can take on anything!! Only to be confronted by a bigger, scarier chal-lenge pretty much right around the corner. Welcome to the journey.

This is not only in sports but in everything we do.

Think about it, your career, your business, your family, kids, marriage, you name it this same process exists.

How many times do we hear…..We were days from closing the doors then all of a sudden something happened…. I was ready to quit but kept on going and all of a sudden a door I couldn’t have ever imagined opened up.

If you feel like quitting right now. Remember you’re not alone and you might be right on the door step of what you’ve been working your entire life for. You’ve come this far, you got this. Get back up, see why you fell, use the pain to springboard you forward. Don’t let it break you!!

From this evolved state we can now take on larger challenges and chase bigger goals. With the larger goals comes greater risk, yes. But once we can look back at those times we fell and what caused it evolving and learning we will be able to adapt and run faster after those goals, whilst lowering the level of risk.

How do we take on the reward that comes from chasing large goals whilst lowering the large level of risk you ask? Well one way we can do it is to find people who have done it before. They will help shine the light on what lays ahead in the dangerous jungle of life we all need to cross if we want to lead an amazing life. If we stay on the outside of the jungle I believe that’s the safest but least rewarding and boring life we can choose for ourselves.

Again only you can make this decision of what life you’re going to go after.

You must decide this yourself because only you know that true core value that drives you to that life and person you aspire to be.

The very fact that you’re reading this tells me you're ready to enter the jungle or you may be well into the jungle looking for some reassurance you’ve made the right choice. Absolutely, you have. Now recognise you’re standing at the very springboard challenge you need to find a way to overcome move through to get keep moving forward.

Think of it like a puzzle of evolution, you’re trying to find that next piece.

Choice is yours today. Am I going to evolve and step up or simply get off the field?

Step up and keep going today.

Lets get it.


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